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The XL3 is a fantastic BBQ and will do just about everything you might want to do. It can not only roast, but roast food to perfection. Rotisserie cooking is one of the oldest methods of cooking and consistently produces thoroughly cooked moist and tender food. It also features a motorised kebab system with seven kebab skewers and a 50cm x 50cm mesh grill. With the XL3 both the kebab system and the mesh grill are for the height adjustable.

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Large Capacity BBQ

The Rotigrill XL three has received some amazing comments from our customers. Over the Christmas period we had many comments about how well the XL 3 roasted Christmas turkeys. Traditionally roasting a Turkey can be quite difficult in that it tends to dry out. However cooking it on the large rotisserie of an XL 3 virtually eliminates this problem.

Fire Trays

Flexible Cooking Capacity

Weighing in at 45 kilos, the Rotigrill XL3 is a very robust and sturdy cooking platform. Whilst it is quite large (100cm 50cm) it has two independent fire trays, so if you wish you can use just one fire tray for smaller cooking quantities. The XL3 is also extremely economical with charcoal. None of the trays are vented and this gives a strong, slow burn to produce a very effective cooking envelope.

The full price of the Rotigrill XL3 is £499, so this particular offer at £299 is extremely good value and probably will not be repeated. We have had to impose and end date to this current promotion due to increased freight and road transport costs which have resulted from the closure of Citylink.

We will continue to provide our customers with best value and special offers whenever we can in the future.

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As always, if you need any help or advice on making a purchase or just how to cook something we always available on 01494 511368 or you can email us at: [email protected]