Winter BBQ Food

Winter BBQ’s are growing in popularity (the Canadians call them SnowBQ’s).

Winter rotigrill


A lot of people BBQ throughout the year, but we’re always being asked about what things should be served with a winter BBQ.
Here are some ideas to make things interesting.

From our research, it is generally accepted that in terms of quality and taste, the best fruit and vegetables are those that are consumed within their natural season. Produce that has been harvested and stored over a long period of time does downgrade itself to a degree.

There are two interesting web sites that you might like to visit that provide guidance as to what is in season throughout the year:
Chart by month
Table by product:

One of the most pleasing dishes to company any BBQ’d meat is a hearty winter vegetable casserole.

Stew Vegetables 1

Unlike a normal casserole where the meat is cooked with the vegetables, here your meat is cooked separately, so that you have some diverse flavours within the meal. Use all the usual marinades and sauces, plus the natural flavours that come from rotisserie cooking. Serve the vegetable casserole separately in a bowl.

For vegetarians, this is perfect and can be enhanced by grating some cheese on the top.

BBQ dishes that you might like to consider with this dish are:
Ginger chicken
Souvla (Greek lamb chops)
Brined and spiced pork shoulder
Roast rib or sirloin of beef
Roast lamb with rosemary and garlic

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