Wind Can Be A Problem

Most people think that rain is the biggest problem when you’re trying to BBQ.

This is not necessarily the case. For showers a large umbrella is usually the solution and for continuous rain. Well, cancellation often results. There is however, a bigger risk to your bbq – wind! Even on a hot summer’s day, wind can have a big effect on your bbq cooking


We’re not referring to storms, but anything from a moderate blow upwards. Cooking on a bbq means that you are invariably cooking “open”, unless you have a gas bbq with a lid. But even then, you are still at risk from wind.

It’s vital that you have enough heat to cook your food thoroughly. Normal cooking times will not apply in breezy conditions and whilst the outside of the food might look done, on a windy day, you can guarantee that you will find the inside undercooked. This means that your guests will have to wait! To achieve thoroughly cooked food you need a “heat envelope”. Wind just whips heat off the top and destroys the envelope. And for gas bbq’s, you need to make sure that your gas light hasn’t been blown out.

Luckily, there are a number of simple solutions. The good old wind break that we see on beaches and campsites offers a fairly cheap solution, although if you are cooking on hard ground, they will not work.

Enter the cooking gazebo. There are many “marquee” products on the market, but cooking inside a PVC marquee carries risks – not only fire, but ventilation as well.

There are a range of gazebos on the market that are purpose built. All you need to do is search Google for “BBQ gazebos” and you will be offered a range of options.

You could go one step further and build your own BBQ gazebo or hut as one of our customers did here. The picture at the top of this blog is a Rotigrill XL2 that has had a BBQ hut built around it. Ingenious!

Wind need not be a problem provided that you recognise that you need to do something to protect your BBQ from its effects.