Why Not Go The Whole Hog?

One of the great treats on offer at many events, large or small, is when you experience the sight and smell of roast pork being cooked on a rotisserie.

Now that the crocuses have started to surface, people are beginning to think about the spring, warmer weather and planning events. We have endless conversations with customers seeking advice on how to cook a suckling pig for a small party of around 15 to 20, or a large pig, which can cater for 80 to 120, depending on the size.

On our web site we have a very good recipe for a Suckling Pig, which also contains tips on how to handle the practical aspects of spit roasting. Our XL2 rotisserie bbq is ideally suited to cooking a suckling pig. The meat is slightly sweeter than mature roast pork and it is generally very tender. Crackling of course, is a real delight when spit roasted.

Phil Carving Pig Roast

When it comes to cooking a large pig, many people are put off by the cost. If you use outside caterers, you will find it quite expensive. We supply hog roast machines that offer a sensible investment and in some cases can pay for themselves from just one event. It makes sense to buy the equipment, particularly for pubs, clubs and associations, as they will give you good use for many years. And, if the cost can be split between individuals or groups, the investment is even more attractive.

On the Home Page of our web site, we have a link to a “Guide To Roasting A Pig”. This is a fully comprehensive guide that takes you through from choosing your pig to carving and serving.

Cooking your own pig on a rotisserie can be time consuming and takes care with preparation. But, the rewards are fabulous. Slow cooked over a traditional charcoal BBQ really brings out the best. Our butcher uses both gas and charcoal, but freely admits that in terms of the experience and flavour, charcoal wins every time.

The tag line for our business is “The Theatre Of Cooking” and this is exactly what you get from seeing a pig turning on a rotisserie. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a suckling pig, or you go for the whole hog, think about how your event can be enhanced by the theatre of cooking.

Rotigrill supports charitable causes, so if you have a fete or fund raising event (in South Bucks or South Oxfordshire), we are happy to come along with our hog roast equipment and cook your pig for you. All you have to do is buy the pig and assist with carving and serving. Please call us on 01494 511368 for a chat about your event.