What is the best food for a BBQ?

Quality ingredients will produce quality meals.

Having said that, you don’t always have to go for the most expensive items to create great taste.


BBQ Burgers

By far, the most popular food item at a BBQ will be the burger, the choices for which are enormous. The problem with “bought” burgers is that you can never be certain of what they contain. Making your own is very easy and you will know exactly what the contents are. You can also experiment with tastes and add different herbs and spices to give them something unique. Take a look at our burger recipe that was supplied by Rebellion Brewery in Marlow, Bucks.



These are also extremely popular, but again, they suffer through not knowing the content. We once purchased some very well know brand sausages, but they contained so much fat that it caused flames and smoke from the BBQ. It’s not so easy to make your own sausages, but most good butchers do make their own and will often make them to order. As a general rule, for BBQ’s you should not have high fat sausages.


BBQ Meats

Some meats however, benefit from having a decent amount of meat. The flavour of pork belly is amazing and it’s one of the cheaper cuts. With beef though, you need to pay decent money for a good rib joint, which has perfect marbling. Sirloin is the king of cuts and again, this has its share of fat. Cooked on a rotisserie, the taste of beef is superb. The more traditional joints such as topside are not particularly good on a BBQ as they are too lean. The same can be said of steaks. Fillet steak, whilst being expensive is widely recognised as having the least flavour.


Chicken has been under the microscope for a long time and basically, there is no doubt that free range birds have more flavour.


Game is rising in popularity and if you want strong flavours, then game is for you. Wild boar is now more readily available and deer is quite plentiful (although deer is quite lean and needs basting during cooking). Pheasant and partridge are available in season and rabbit is around all year.

Having whetted your appetite about what foods to buy, the questions is: “Where can I get them”?

The internet will tell you where your local master butcher and game dealer can be found. Local and farmers markets can be a great source of locally produced meat and fish. And if you ever get to London, treat yourself to a visit to Borough Market, near London Bridge station. The array of food available is simply mind blowing!