D.I.Y. Weather Forecast For Your BBQ.

The Weather forecast can make or break your BBQ event.

Back in May I published a blog called “How do I BBQ when the weather isn’t good.” which was read by a lot of people. Following on from that I have realised how much we rely on the weather forecast when planning our BBQ’s. But, how often do the forecasters get it right – or wrong for that matter?

A long time ago I gave up relying on just one, single source of information for weather forecasting. I now have several web sites that I use, which do not always agree, but between them they do allow me to make up my own mind.

The Weather forecast is vital for planning.

Weather forecast

When we used to sell our products at outdoor shows, the attendance was massively influenced by the weather forecast. Not the actual weather, but the forecast. And the number of times that we had large attendances when it was raining and small attendances when the sun was shining should have been a true embarrassment to weather forecasters. But still it continues.

I’ve mentioned before about gazebos that can be put up if the weather is bad, but honestly, we do need reasonable weather to enjoy a BBQ don’t we. The kids need room to play and the adults can mingle around enjoying the theatre of a BBQ event. So, how do we become good weather forecasters? Firstly, accept that even the Meteorological Office forecasts only claim reasonable accuracy for the next 48 hours.

I have listed below some really useful weather sites. The idea is to piece together your own opinion from the information they provide. In each case the link will show a forecast for High Wycombe. All you need to do is enter your location.

I start by using a long range forecast site, which is useful in that it can predict sustained periods of weather. Heat waves, storm patterns etc. For this I use “Accuweather”.

Nearer the time, I switch to the BBC as they predict up to 10 days ahead.

Now I start to get a little bit scientific and look at the Jetstream with Net weather. This is a significant indicator of how our high pressure and low pressure are likely to react. The jetsream to the North of us is a pretty good indication of good weather. When the jetstream moves South it imports weather from the North, which is not always good news.

rainfall radar

On the day itself, the “Will It Rain Today is a super site that shows the actual rain pattern from radar and satellite

And finally, the weather channel adds simple but useful additions like “rain start time” and “rain stop time”.

So now you can decide whether to go ahead or move your event date – but you will no longer be able to blame the weather forecasters, as that will be you!
This starts as a bit of fun, but after a while, you actually become quite proficient.

Although we are not available for advice on the weather (other than the above), we are always on call to help and advice with any aspects of BBQ.