The Taster

Read an interview with Colin from Rotigrill in “The Taster”, a new and really different foodie publication.


I was asked by Dr. Caroline Eliot of mYum Ltd, consultancy to do an interview for a forthcoming, new food magazine called “The taster”. Having written articles previously it all seemed like a regular day at the office until I began to understand the concept of this new magazine.
In the words of the editor, Catrin Thomas-Price “The Taster” is an alternative magazine for foodies, or gourmets, armchair chefs, those who live to eat, and anyone who is fascinated by food and the many ways to eat it.

Rotisserie BBQ’s

I thought that the interview would be about our products and what new and exciting things are happening in the world of barbecue. Yes we talked about the benefits of cooking on a rotisserie and that our XL2 rotisserie barbeque has just about every feature that you might wish to produce a successful outdoor cooking event. However, I was asked things like “what is your favourite dish?” “What drew you to food and drink?” “How did Rotigrill begin?” Do we have a typical customer?” “Have we had in the unusual requests?” and “What is my top tip?”.


Now having received the magazine I can see immediately how this particular interview fitted in with the concept of “The taster”. None of the usual list of recipes was evident, however there was loads of advice on all sorts of food issues that most people find interesting but which rarely feature in a magazine.

Rotigrill’sarticle is on page 24 of the summer edition of “The Taster” and I would urge you to have a look at their website the taster
They publish four issues a year at £3.00 each, so for the price of a round of drinks you can enjoy a real treat and a very good read.
Colin George, Rotigrill.