There are still bargains and deals to be had even though summer has arrived


We have maintained some discounts, particularly on some of our high end products. We have also tried to find ways of providing additional value for money, so we have packaged products together that people have purchased in the past, which has enabled us to offer special prices for these bundles. Here are some details:

Hog Roaster

Hog Roaster 7_0

This offer applies to our portable, tripod model, which has an RRP of £999 including VAT and FREE delivery. Now available for £899.

Lamb Roaster


Our lamb roaster is a high quality product and has an RRP of £699 including VAT and FREE delivery. Now available for £649.

Spit Roast BBQ


Our XL2 is available with an optional full length grill (1000mm x 500mm). Although it comes with a 500mm x 500mm grill as standard, some people prefer the optional grill as it caters for quite a lot of people. If it is purchased at the same time as the XL2, we can give a discount of £29.

Turn Your BBQ Grill Into A Rotisserie BBQ.


Our Grill Top Rotisserie is a stand-alone product, which sits on top of your existing BBQ grill. It comes with a frame, rotisserie skewer, rotisserie motor, meat forks and 8 x kebabs.


Or you could add a small, portable twin grill “DUO” BBQ onto which the grill top rotisserie stands. This combination is ideal to put in the boot of your car or caravan / motor home.


To complete the full set, why not add a spit basket, which fits on the skewer from the grill top rotisserie. This takes, fish, vegetables of pieces of meat and is fully adjustable for depth. This simple addition saves you the trouble of having to turn your food on a grill.

The above three items can be seen as package deals on this page of our web site.