Stuffing Made For BBQ Recipes

 Get Stuffed! BBQ Recipes That Are Made For Stuffing 

Pork Stuffing

Pork Stuffing

Using “stuffing” is often overlooked as being an excellent way of enhancing flavour. Yes, it takes a bit of time to prepare  it properly, but with a little thought and imagination, they can work really well. And home-made stuffing is so much tastier than using packeted ingredients.

It is not only meat that is stuffed. Fish is often stuffed and rolled while stuffing vegetables is now very common, although the most popular stuffing for vegetables appear to be meat based.
It used to be a method of using up parts of a carcass that might have otherwise been discarded. This is how sausages were invented. However, today, stuffing is seen as an accompaniment that will enhance the flavour of your main dish.

I’ve got some recipes on our website for you to download for pork, lamb and poultry, so please take a look. They are simple to prepare and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results. In our recipe for cooking a whole lamb, the recipe can be scaled down for use in a boned leg or shoulder of lamb. It can be as simple of putting a quartered lemon inside a chicken. Our turkey recipe of fresh sage and chopped onions can equally be used in any poultry and the recipe for our Porchetta recipe is just brilliant.

Roast Turkey  Porchetta

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It is not known when stuffings were first used. However, it has been identified that the earliest documentary evidence is in a Roman cookbook, which contains recipes for stuffed chicken, hare, pig, and dormouse. Most of the recipes consisted of vegetables, herbs and spices, nuts, and cereal, but frequently contain chopped liver, brains, and other organ meat.  Names include “farce” (1400), ‘stuffing’ (1500) and ‘forcemeat’ (1700). After about 1880, the term in most use was  dressing in Victorian England.