Spring lamb is always a favourite.

Each year we look forward to seeing fresh lamb in our shops. As Scotland is famous for its beef, then Wales and England can be proud of their lamb. In many communities and cultures, Lamb is a traditional feast for Easter.


Whole Lamb


We make our own lamb roaster, which produces the most amazing meat. We like to stuff the lamb with bread, red wine and herbs and this recipe is available on our web site.

If you go for a lamb joint, most people choose the leg. Roasted on the bone, it’s great to put rosemary and garlic into the meat, by making knife “stabs” all over. Alternatively, you can have the leg off the bone and stuff the centre. We like fresh mint, but you can make up your own stuffing with bread crumbs and herbs. Much underrated is lamb shoulder. Yes, it has more fat than leg, but fats means flavour. A slow roasted shoulder of lamb, with rosemary and garlic is something to be enjoyed.

Greek “Souvla”


A regular treat for people of Greek origin is Souvla. These are usually neck chops flavoured with lemon and oregano (they also cook goat in the same way). Slow roast the chops to keep them tender and to lock in all those flavours.

Moroccan Lamb (Mechoui)


For spice fanatics, why not try Moroccan lamb. This is lamb leg or shoulder, with a spicy mixture which is rubbed into the skin. Again, if you make some deep stabs with a knife, you can really get the spices to penetrate the meat.

Spicy Lamb

Spicy Lamb 2

Moving further east, spicy lamb using spices from India also makes a refreshing change to a traditional roast. It’s simply a matter of getting the right balance of spices, so that the flavour of the meat is not overpowered.

And for you grillers, there are lamb burgers. We have a great recipe for beef burgers on our web site. All you have to do is substitute lamb for beef and add some mint. These are truly delicious.

Some lambs are allowed to grow old! Mutton is growing in popularity. It has a richer taste than lamb, which is quite mild. However, slow roasted mutton is now featuring in many restaurants, so why not try on your own rotisserie BBQ.

As with anything, quality depends on what you buy. Buy the best you can from quality butchers and you will never be disappointed with the results.