Spit Roasted Pork

Roast pork cooked on a spit roast rotisserie, produces perfect crackling.

A famous chef once wrote that in order to achieve perfect pork crackling, you would have to detach it from the meat and grill it separately. Indeed, many people drool over pork crackling, but can never seem to get it right. There is another way of doing it that works – every time. Take a look at this!


This is a picture of a pork belly joint that I cooked on one of our Rotigrill XL2 rotisserie bbq’s. The beauty of this bbq, is that it has an easy to operate height adjustment control, plus the beautiful heat envelope that a traditional open fire, charcoal bbq produces. With a gas bbq, you don’t get the heat intensity to achieve results like this.

The height adjustment mechanism means that you are in control of the cooking! What I do once the charcoal is hot and grey in colour is lower the height of the spit roast skewer for the first 5 to 10 minutes. What this does is seal the meat, so all those lovely juices stay where they are supposed to and flavour the meat, plus, it kicks off the crackling. Within a few minutes, you will see blisters appear on the skin and then the skin starts to turn brown and bubbly. Now you’re cooking (‘scuse the pun)!

Raise the cooking height so that the meat cooks through (a pork belly joint takes on average about 1hours 30 minutes to cook through). Ten minutes before you intend to take the meat off the bbq, lower the cooking height once again to finish off the crackling.

When you take the joint off, separate the crackling from the meat, wrap the meet in foil and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes (it’s still cooking), but serve the crackling straight away.

Beware! The crackling from the joint in the picture disappeared so fast that the poor old chef missed out.