Sorbet – Turning Cocktails Into Sorbet


Turning Cocktails Into Sorbet

I was with my wife in a cocktail bar and the barman suggested that she try a godfather cocktail. During conversation with him about taste, she said how much she enjoyed Amaretto. The result was a Godfather cocktail, which is basically Jack Daniels, Amaretto and coke with plenty of ice.

So, whilst cooking a special meal for us, I decided to transform this cocktail into a sorbet. What a success! I tried several different combinations of whisky and settled on Scotch rather than J.D.
You can find the recipe by clicking “Godfather Sorbet”.


This idea can be used on many cocktails. Champagne is a classic. Use the same proportions as for the Godfather cocktail, by combining both alcohol elements. i.e. Try using 600ml of champagne. See if you like the texture and flavour, and then adjust accordingly. If it is too slushy, reduce the amount of champagne.

Note on freezers: The consistency will vary from freezer to freezer as each one operates at different temperatures. If you are lucky enough to have a freezer where you can vary the temperature, experiment with different portion sizes, at different temperatures. Once you arrive at what works for you, use the formula for all future sorbet mixes.

Another one I have tried was orange schnapps. This had an unusual kick to it as the flavours are somewhat fortified.

If you like orange, swap the lemon juice for orange juice. Use good quality juice (Tropicana without bits) or better still squeeze good quality fresh oranges.
Sorbet is a very fresh pudding. I also like to serve it with gorgeous, Scottish, butter shortbread.

Another way of using a sorbet is between courses as a mouth freshener. It really livens up the taste buds, particularly if you have used spices in your starter for example.

If you click “Cocktails” it will take you to one of my previous blogs that features a couple of interesting cocktails that you might like to transform into sorbet.

As always I encourage you to experiment. It’s always worth the extra effort.