There’s Nothing Like A Sausage For A BBQ

Sausages are an everyday favourite come rain or shine!

As a nation we ate 186,210 tonnes of sausages worth £653.3 million last year. They are popular for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a casserole, as part of a fry up, in a sandwich or most frequently, on the barbecue.



So what are the best sausages to cook? Firstly, check the amount of fat that they contain. Fatty sausages can cause your BBQ to flame and smoke.
Also make sure that they don’t contain too much salt. Sausages are the third largest individual contributor of salt in our diet. A survey of 300 sausages showed that many are full of hidden and unnecessary salt with huge variations between similar products. The worst culprits here are sausages with added flavours. Just two sausages could contain nearly half of your 6g maximum daily salt recommendation.

Buying supermarket own-brand is often seen as the last resort to make the budgets stretch, but some own brands are often the best. Some supermarket own-brand sausages have trumped their pricier competitors in tests of meat content and value for money, a watchdog has found.


Not all our popular sausages are British!

Apparently, Britons can’t live without chorizo, according to a survey of changing culinary habits. Research carried out by food magazine Olive found that although the spicy Spanish sausage was unheard of ten years ago, chorizo is a staple part of the diet of 42 per cent of those surveyed.


What is the best way to cook sausages on a BBQ?

Most people will put their sausages on a grill and turn them from time to time. However, if you have a rotisserie BBQ, you can cook them lengthways on a kebab skewer. Just put a piece of potato at one end of the skewer, load your sausages and then put another piece of potato on the skewer and gently squeeze the potato pieces towards the centre. You will get evenly cooked sausages that retain their juices.

So Why Not Make Your Own Sausages?

If you just love a good sausage, you could take total control of what goes into them and make your own. And, it really isn’t that difficult. This is a great site that tells you everything you need to know about making your own sausages.