Salmon and Pepper Kebabs

Salmon & Pepper Kebabs

Salmon & Coriander
Subtle and delicate


Per Kebab:

Salmon steak

1 x fresh orange, yellow or red pepper

Fresh coriander 1 x sprig

Butter 25gm

Salt & pepper

Coriander Butter:

Pull the leaves from the coriander and roughly chop.

Melt the butter in a bowl. Mix the chopped coriander into the butter and allow to cool until it begins to solidify.


Cut the salmon steak into pieces of roughly the same shape and size (preferably about 2cm cubed).

Take the pips from the pepper and cut it into 2 cm slices.

Place one slice of pepper onto your kebab skewer

Place several pieces of salmon on to the kebab skewer

Finally, place another slice of pepper to finish.

Gently push the two end pieces of pepper towards the middle to ensure that the salmon does not spin on the kebab skewer during cooking.

Carefully brush the coriander butter over the salmon pieces

Lightly season with salt and pepper

Cook for 5-7 minutes