Rotisserie Cooking – Simply The Best

Many people ask me why rotisserie cooking tastes so much better than conventional cooking.

Here are some answers to rotisserie cooking questions.


Food scientists have recently discovered that initial exposure to high heat bursts open flavour molecules in food, making it taste delicious. It’s always better to put food into a hot environment. Then the spits are loaded and the food roasted for about 10 to 15 minutes. It takes that long for flavour molecules to open up. Then the temperature can be reduced to cook the food evenly without drying it out. With your Rotigrill, this is done by raising the height of the food away from the coals.

Why does the rotisserie deliver such mouth-watering results?

Food remains moist because it self-bastes. And it does not burn, although it browns, because the flame never touches the food. So everything cooks indirectly with a heat “envelope”.

Rotisserie BBQ’s make it possible for a dinner host to provide an appetizing roast for their guests at a dinner party or for a holiday dinner they are having at their home. And because of your rotisserie BBQ, the cooking procedure will be almost effortless as it becomes more simple, allowing you to socialise and be with your visitors. And in the background is the aromatic smell that will come from the food you are roasting. That is why you are also making your guests feel excited with what they will have for dinner.

Most of the time, when you acquire a rotisserie grill, a basket attachment is also available to you along with the grill itself, so this basket attachment can be utilized if you want to roast things like vegetables, diced meat or fish. Kebabs with vegetables and meat on them add an extra dimension to your cooking options. We have some wonderful kebab recipes on our web site. Kebab cooking is much quicker than roasting and it offers the opportunity to use marinades to enhance flavour. So if time is short, but you still want the benefits of cooking with your rotisserie, then the kebab option is for you.

BBQ Grilling

If your rotisserie grill still has extra room, such as with our Rotigrill XL3, then you can use a mesh grill for traditional BBQ grilling.

You need to consider the time that you are going to spend for the preparation of your food in addition to the cooking time when you are planning your BBQ event. In this way, you are aware when is the right time to start getting ready and coordinate each dish to be ready at the same time.

As always, we are here to help. If you need advice on any aspect of rotisserie cooking please call us: 01494 511368.