Rotigrill recommends Farmers Choice

Quality, free range produce for your BBQ

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Farmer’s Choice is a small, friendly business, dedicated to delivering top quality free-range produce direct to customers. On their web site you will see products in many categories: Butchers, fishmonger, greengrocery, delicatessen, the pantry (drinks, sauces etc), pet food, plus seasonal packs and set packs.

Christmas Turkey


Rotigrill has just taken delivery of a beautiful free range turkey, which will be cooked on an XL3 rotisserie bbq. This turkey will also feature in a new video so people can see how delicious spit roasted turkey can be for Christmas. The recipe will also be featured in the next edition of “THE TASTER” magazine.

Farmers Choice is run on family values and tries to make its operations as simple as possible. This means that they are somewhat different from some large butcher companies with their extensive management structures and inflexible approach. In fact, Farmer’s Choice is still headed by its founder butcher who believes quality, service and flexibility are the keystones of their longevity and continued success. Many customers have been with them for over 20 years and as people have moved around the country they have found ways to accommodate their requests. Farmer’s Choice has continued to supply them with the quality free-range meat and the excellent service they have become used to.


At Farmer’s Choice they pride themselves on delivering free range, responsibly sourced and naturally reared meat to their customers. But how do they go about making sure all of the meat we sell lives up to this standard? Well, they have partnered with some of the best free range farms in the UK to give you a range of high quality meat taken from animals raised in natural and comfortable conditions. All of these farms adhere to free range farming regulations and practices and are well known and respected for their excellent standard of farming.

But you don’t have to just take their word for it; they offer complete traceability for their meat, so you can read all about their free range partner farms in this section. From their chickens, pigs, beef, turkey and fish, to even veal, game and goat, you can find out where all of their produce comes from by reading about each individual farm.