Rotigrill Launches A New Rotisserie BBQ

Rotigrill XL3 Rotisserie BBQ

Building on the success of their XL2, Rotigrill has just introduced the XL3, a large capacity barbecue equally suited to both domestic and commercial uses.


To see the XL3 in action please click on this video and see for yourself the kind of food you could be enjoying on your next barbecue.

The XL3 features three main rotisserie spit roast skewers, seven kebab skewers and a 500mm by 500mm mesh grill. Rotigrill uses a unique rack and pinion mechanism for raising and lowering the cooking height of the main skewers and for the first time, both the kebab skewers and the mesh grill are also height adjustable.

XL3 s
XL3 side view s.preview

The Rotigrill XL3 is a complete barbecue system.

It offers flexibility, capacity and above all else the ability to create probably the tastiest food you will have experience from a barbecue. If you haven’t cooked on a rotisserie before the results are remarkable. This method of cooking has been used for thousands of years and the reason why it produces such amazing flavours is that it simply retains meat juices within the food being cooked. Kitchen ovens tend to dry food and gas barbecues can do the same unless you enclose it under a hood. But, by doing this you do not allow moisture to evaporate and food can take on a rather bland, steamed taste.


The Rotigrill XL3 has an upgraded gear drive for the main skewers, stronger wheels and additional bracing to the internal fire trays.There is an option for a full length grill, which works in place of the three spit roast skewers. This measures 1000mm x 1000mm and can accommodate a lot of food. This product is guaranteed for two years. It is strongly built and comes with a full weather cover.
The Rotigrill website also features instructions on how to cook on a rotisserie, together with a whole range of recipes for free download.