Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey cooked on a rotisserie is so full of flavour and it won’t dry out like it can in a conventional oven.

Roast Turkey

Rotisserie cooked roast turkey is not much different from cooking a chicken. The method is the same.  It’s only size that is different.  Crispy skin, moist and tender meat.  Enjoy turkey as it should be cooked – on a spit roast.


1 free range Turkey
Two large onions
1 bunch of fresh Sage
Melted butter for baste


Cut the stalks from the sage and put all the sage inside the cavity.  Cut the onions into quarters and place them into the cavity.  Tie the legs of the turkey together.  Tie the wings by running some string round the whole bird (this stops them burning during cooking).

Roast Turkey Cooking    Christmas Roast Turkey

Cooking On Your Rotisserie

Place a meat fork on one end of your skewer, then push the skewer through the middle of the cavity and out through the neck cavity.  Press the spikes of the skewer as deep as possible, making sure that you trap the legs within the spikes.  Push a second meat fork on the other end of your skewer and press the spikes deeply into the flesh.

Now place the skewer in your up turned palms and roll it.  If it rolls unevenly, the bird is not balanced and you will have to take the skewer out and try again.  It is important to get the turkey balanced to avoid damage to your motor. (Consider buying a small counterbalance).

Brush the skin with the melted butter. Set the height adjustment low to start, but for no more than 10 minutes in order to crisp the skin.  Then raise the cooking height for the remainder of cooking.  Once the skin becomes moist, crumble chicken OXO cubes and sprinkle it over the skin.

Cooking times are approximately 30 minutes per kilo. When you think you are near the end of cooking, run a thin skewer through the middle of the bird and watch to see that the juices that run out are clear.  Any pink colour means that the bird is not cooked through.  At the end of cooking, remove the skewer and forks and allow the turkey to rest for 20 minutes before carving.

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To download and print the full recipe, please click this link:pdf  Roast Turkey