Roast Topside Of Beef (Brined)

A traditional British cut of roast topside of beef, brined and seasoned so that it is really tender. Adding the dry mix enhances the flavour.

Topside of beef


Topside of beef
Melted butter
Vegetable oil (spray preferable)


Prepare per kilogram of meat:
1 litre Cold water
60 gm Salt
40 gm Brown sugar
1.5 tbsp Dry mix

Dry Mix

Brined Beef Rub

1 tbsp Garlic powder
1 tbsp Onion powder
1 tbsp English mustard powder
1tbsp Ground Ginger
1 tbsp Ground pepper
1 Beef Oxo cube (ground)
50 gm Brown sugar


Mix all of the ingredients for the dry mix in a mixing bowl. Take your time to ensure that the mix is thorough. Take any string or netting off the beef joint.

Using a large plastic container or cool box, prepare your brine by calculating the quantity based on the weight of your meat joint. Stir thoroughly until the salt, sugar and dry mix has totally dissolved. Now place your meat into the brine. It must be totally covered. If this does not happen make some more brine and add until the meat is covered.

Your container should now be stored in a refrigerator overnight as a minimum. 24 to 36 hours is better. If your fridge is not big enough, then somewhere cool and dark is essential. No direct heat or sunlight.

Once your brining is complete. Take the meat out of its container and pat it dry with kitchen towel. Tie up the joint with cooking twine or butcher’s string.
Topside of beef has very little fat, so now is the time to baste the joint with melted butter. Rub the butter into the joint.

Now rub your dry mix into the surface of the meat. Do not exert too much pressure, but be patient and make sure that the mix is being absorbed. Depending on the size of your joint, you might not use all of the dry mix.


Note: Topside of beef needs to be cooked slowly. Brining starts a tenderising process and slow cooking allows it to continue.

This topside joint was cooked on a Rotigrill XL3.
Cook the joint at a low height for up to 10 minutes to seal the meat juices.
Raise the cooking height to and cook as follows (see Tip below).
Rare             15 minutes per lb / 33 minutes per kilo
Medium      20 minutes per pound / 44 minutes per kilo
Well done   25 minutes per pound / 55 minutes per kilo

Tip: As there is very little fat in a topside joint, you will need to make a judgement based on whether the outside is bubbling. If it is not bubbling, you are too high. If the outside begins to blacken, you are too low. Check each time you baste and adjust accordingly.

Baste the joint every 20 minutes with your vegetable oil to prevent drying.
When cooking time is up, take the meat off the skewer, loosely cover with a piece of foil and rest it for 20 minutes.

To Serve

Brined and seasonsed beef

Serve with a jacket potato and either Mediterranean roasted vegetables (please see recipe) or a salad. Please also see our “Red Wine & Port Sauce” recipe, which works wonderfully well with this dish. And for purists, you really must not forget some horseradish sauce.

To download and print a copy of this recipe, just click:

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