Roast Beef

Choosing your joint……………
Good quality will always return the best results.
This recipe is best suited to Sirloin or Rib. Both of these cuts provide good “marbling” and flavour.


Sirloin or Rolled rib of beef
Chopped, fresh thyme
Crushed, black pepper


Mix the thyme with a pinch of salt and a generous grinding of black pepper then roll the beef in this mixture.
Sirloin is the king of beef joints and should be treated with respect! Cook the joint for 20 minutes at half height on your rotisserie to seal in the meat juices.
Raise the skewer to full height and cook to your preference. As a rough guide, use 20 minutes per pound to calculate cooking time. Test the meat towards the end of cooking by inserting a skewer through the joint. If the juices run red, the centre will be rare, pink juices indicate medium and clear juices indicate well done.
Once you have taken your beef of your rotisserie, wrap it in foil for at least 20 minutes. It is still cooking and this will make the meat even more tender. Also, you will be left with some deliciously rich juices that you can add to your sauce or gravy.

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