BBQ sausages

How To Cook A Perfect BBQ Sausage

Yes, there is an art to cooking sausages on A BBQ. And grilling is not always the best way. Here we look at how to cook the perfect BBQ sausage. There is no doubt that a BBQ sausage is one of our favourite foods for the cooking on barbecues. So you would think that they would […]

BBQ Pineapple

BBQ Pineapple

This BBQ Pineapple recipe can be prepared the day before your BBQ, so it is quick to cook and serve.  It is very tasty just on its own as pineapple is so juicy. However, adding ice cream or clotted cream, plus a honey and rum sauce, will make your guests drool! Ingredients Serves: 8 1 […]

BBQ Pineapple

BBQ Puddings

Well it’s finally happened. Not being a pud person myself, I have succumbed to massive pressure from all and sundry to include some BBQ pudding recipes on our website and I have to say that my first attempt was rather gorgeous. I must also confess to a love of fresh pineapple, so my first choice […]

Charcoal BBQ

Charcoal v Gas – The Green Question?

        We’ve dealt with the charcoal v gas issue in the past, but it has come up in conversations again recently. There was a study in the United States about the relative carbon footprint from an average charcoal bbq, versus a gas bbq. The study measured a bbq of 35,000 Btu’s per hour, […]

Rotisserie Cooking

Rotisserie Cooking Tips and Advice

Here are a few tips that can show you how to get the best results from your rotisserie. Anyone who is used to rotisserie cooking will appreciate the splendid results that can be achieved. However, some people who are new to rotisseries might need a hand. And some people might be thinking about getting a […]