BBQ Tips

Interesting BBQ Tips  Many thanks for those BBQ tips that we receive from our customers. Using A Griddle Sheila was watching James Martin on TV recently and he said that you should never apply oil to the griddle before cooking. Apparently, oil (or fat) should only be applied to the food. And the reason? You […]

BBQ rain

How Do I BBQ In All Weathers?

One of the most frequently asked questions I’m asked is: “How do I BBQ when the weather isn’t good.” The one thing that you can guarantee in the British Isles is that the weather is rarely stable. But, we need to plan our BBQ’s ahead for the convenience of our guests (unless you are part […]

Phil Vickery Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor Cooking – It’s the only way. Looking through my library of cook books on outdoor cooking (as I do), I came across this one: “The Great Outdoors Cookbook: Over 140 recipes for Barbecues, Campfires, Picnics and more”, by Phil Vickery. It was first published in 2011. I met Phil around this time, when he […]

Barbecue Food

Barbecue Planning

BBQ Food Barbecue planning starts with providing the right food. Nowadays, when barbecue planning, people are more aware of food allergies and many people have specific, chosen diets, vegetarian, gluten free etc. Of course, it’s entirely up to you as to whether you cater for minorities. Most fresh food (meat, fish and poultry) will not contain […]

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Stuffing Made For BBQ Recipes

 Get Stuffed! BBQ Recipes That Are Made For Stuffing  Using “stuffing” is often overlooked as being an excellent way of enhancing flavour. Yes, it takes a bit of time to prepare  it properly, but with a little thought and imagination, they can work really well. And home-made stuffing is so much tastier than using packeted […]