BBQ Chicken

Barbecued Chicken – It Is So Versatile

The Versatility Of Barbequed Chicken The humble barbecued chicken is eaten more than any other meat, but in some circles, it is seen as a poor relation. If all else fails, let’s have chicken! So in this article, I would like to pay homage to the barbecued chicken for its versatility and culinary benefits. Nutrician […]

Burger halves

How To Make Homemade Burgers For Your BBQ

Homemade burgers for your BBQ will have your guests drooling. The humble burger is often criticised, but when prepared properly and cooked with care, it can be the most delicious and comforting item on any BBQ menu. We specialise in rotisserie bbq’s, so why, may you ask are we in search of the perfect burger? […]


How To Cook BBQ Fish

BBQ Fish Mention the word BBQ fish to most people and they will probably give you a weird look! Most people think of burgers, sausages and chicken drumsticks, or in our case with rotisserie BBQ’s, roasted meats. And make no mistake; all of those foods are absolutely delicious. However, to add variety to your BBQ […]

Weather forecast

D.I.Y. Weather Forecast For Your BBQ.

The Weather forecast can make or break your BBQ event. Back in May I published a blog called “How do I BBQ when the weather isn’t good.” which was read by a lot of people. Following on from that I have realised how much we rely on the weather forecast when planning our BBQ’s. But, […]