Burnt Toast

Medical Scares About Burnt or Blackened Food

If you’ve been reading about Medical Scares About Burnt or Blackened Food recently, you might be interested in my take on the subject. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty sick and tired of scientists and “officials” who spread fear amongst us ordinary folk when trying to prevent something happening on a scale of […]


What Is The Best Fuel For Your BBQ?

Things must be hotting up as I’ve received a number of enquiries about what is the best fuel for your BBQ? Gas BBQ’s The question “What is the best fuel for your bbq” is often limited to a discussion about charcoal v gas, but it’s more than that. So, I’d like to get the gas […]


Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey cooked on a rotisserie is so full of flavour and it won’t dry out like it can in a conventional oven. Rotisserie cooked roast turkey is not much different from cooking a chicken. The method is the same.  It’s only size that is different.  Crispy skin, moist and tender meat.  Enjoy turkey as […]


Roast Potatoes

I have been persuaded to give up the secrets that go into my Roast Potatoes.  OK, I’ll talk! This has nothing to do with rotisseries or BBQ’s.  This is about producing the best roast potatoes from your oven.  Even though I say it myself, my roast spuds are the best.  However, I’m not going to […]


Sorbet – Turning Cocktails Into Sorbet

Turning Cocktails Into Sorbet I was with my wife in a cocktail bar and the barman suggested that she try a godfather cocktail. During conversation with him about taste, she said how much she enjoyed Amaretto. The result was a Godfather cocktail, which is basically Jack Daniels, Amaretto and coke with plenty of ice. So, […]