BBQ Rotisserie, Kebab, Grill and Chicken Rotisserie – “XL3” Is The Complete BBQ Package


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The price includes delivery on a pallet by a freight transport company.

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BBQ rotisserie and barbecue rotisserie grill.

BBQ rotisserie Specification: The \\\”XL3\\\” from Rotigrill 

  • 1000mm long x 500mm wide tray, produced from galvanised steel. Height to top of tray is 850mm
  • 2 x Internal  fire trays (can be removed for cleaning and prevents most of the heat from transferring to the outer casing)
  • 3 stainless steel spit roast skewers
  • 7 stainless steel kebab skewers
  • 6 stainless steel meat retaining forks for rotisserie skewers
  • BBQ rotisserie & kebab drives
  • Spit Roast height adjustment (Rotate the handle, which drives a rack and pinion)
  • Kebab and mesh grill height adjustment (manual with wing bolts)
  • 1 x mains powered, 12 watt electric motor for large skewers
  • 1 x 3 volt battery motor for the kebab drive (batteries not included)
  • Stainless steel mesh BBQ grill (500mm x 500mm)
  • Accessory tray
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • BBQ rotisserie Cover (Premium)

Part assembled for delivery.  Then just a few simple steps to finish the assembly (see video)

Options available:

Please also see our \\\”Suckling Pig\\\” recipe.


\"\\"pdf\\"\"   XL3 Assembly and Operation Guide

\"\\"pdf\\"\"   XL3 Measurements

Product Description

The price includes delivery on a pallet by a freight transport company.

Also available for collection from High Wycombe (HP11). Price reduction of £55 applies. Please call 01494 445268 to discuss.

BBQ Rotisserie and barbecue rotisserie grill

Feature rich bbq rotisserie – Spit Roast, kebab & grill – Help line for cooking advice – Loads of recipes available on line – Full care instructions – FREE DELIVERY to UK Mainland

Designed and produced by Rotigrill

The Rotigrill “XL3” is our largest bbq rotisserie and is suitable for domestic and commercial use. It can easily take a suckling pig. It is extremely flexible and loaded with facilities to provide all you need for prefect rotisserie cooking. The three main BBQ rotisserie skewers can take a variety of meats (see video). The seven rotisserie kebabs offer additional cooking capacity. Plus, there is a bbq grill.

Spit Roast

If you do not want to use the “XL3″‘s full capacity, it works equally well when only one fire tray is used. The rotisserie motor has a maximum recommended loading of 16 kilograms, however, we do not recommend using more than 14kg of meat.

The “rack and pinion” height adjustment mechanism is unique to Rotigrill . It makes adjusting the cooking height really easy to do.

Chicken Rotisserie

The XL3 is capable of cooking up to 9 chickens at a time.

Kebab Rotisserie

The XL3 comes with a motorised rotisserie gearbox that turns all seven kebabs at the same time.Both the kebabs and barbecue grill are also height adjustable.

Barbecue Grill

The 500mm x 500mm mesh bbq grill that is provided is ideal for grilling, cooking sauces in a saucepan, frying with a large pan, or for using a solid BBQ griddle.


There are several options available with the XL3:

Some of these options have been packaged together to provide discounted value when purchased together with the XL3. Click “Packages”

An additional rotisserie kebab gearbox + 7 extra kebab skewers

A counterbalance for help with balancing large joints or a suckling pig

U” bolts for securing a suckling pig to the skewer

A full length grill that fits instead of the 3 main skewers (1000mm x 500mm cooking area). This is ideal for commercial bbq use

Please take a look at our delicious Recipes page and enjoy the delights of cooking on your XL3.

Also, click on our Advice page, which explains how to get the best results from your XL3

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Dimensions 95 x 50 x 100 cm