Rotisserie Kit


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Rotisserie Kit for Charcoal or Gas Barbecues and brick built BBQ’s

Will This Kit Fit Your BBQ?

Our rotisserie kit is made for total flexibility.  It is designed to fit to most square faced BBQ trays (not round or oval).There is infinite adjustments available for the skewer and brackets have several types of fixing holes.   If you have doubts about whether this kit will  fit your BBQ, just email some pictures to [email protected] and we will let you know.

Gas Barbecues

This kit is ideal for those gas barbecues that have a “V” groove on both sides of the lid  Barbecues of this type are usually fitted with two holes on both sides of the tray, to except bolts for the fitting plates.

Brick Built and Charcoal BBQ’s

If you have a brick built barbecue or charcoal bbq, make sure that you have the facility to adjust the cooking height (essential). This is not necessary on gas grills as you can adjust the heat.


Product Description

The kit comprises:

  • 8mm square skewer, comes in four, threaded sections,  in the following lengths:  61cm,  33cm,  18cm and  6.5 cm (pointed end)

We recommend a maximum length of 100.5 cm. (61cm + 33cm + 6.5cm)

  • Screw threaded handle 
  • Skewer collar with thumbturn for fine adjustment of the lenght of the skewer
  • 2  meat forks
  • 3 volt mains / battery motor (2 x 1.5 volt “D” type batteries – not provided)
  • Bracket for the motor
  • 2 skewer rest brackets
  • Fixings: Washers, nuts and bolts 

This kit can handle up to a maximum 3.5kg of meat.

To prevent the skewer from bending, spread your meat along the skewer to distribute the weight, rather than having one, large joint in the middle.

Click on the “pdf link” below for a printable product specification

PDF-150x150  Kit Specification