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Lamb roast rotisserie

Imagine the aroma and vision of a whole roast lamb being cooked on an open fire.

The Rotigrill lamb roast machine gives you just that – the theatre of a lamb roast event. Imagine the aroma and vision of a whole roast lamb, cooked on an open, charcoal BBQ fire.

The Rotigrill lamb roaster delivers great taste – every time. It is supplied with all the equipment you will need. It is easy to assemble, easy to operate and easy to clean. All in all, it’s the perfect package, for perfect results. Great value too.

You won’t find anything of this quality for such a good price.

Because of its portability, the Rotigrill Lamb Roaster can be used in remote locations (such as a shoot), where mains power is not available. It can run off a generator and be fixed to soft ground (The unit has large feet). This lamb roast machine is economical on charcoal. The fire tray is non vented and makes for a slow burn and a terrific heat envelope in which to cook your roast lamb.

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Product Description

The Rotigrill Lamb Roaster is a professional, high quality rotisserie BBQ.

Lamb Roaster Specification:

–  Robust, strong, stainless steel construction
–  Easy to operate
–  Breaks down into components for ease of transportation
–  Guaranteed for two years (see terms & conditions)
–  Also suitable for other meat including large joints
–  Capable of cooking up to a max of 40 kilos (88 pounds).
–  Recommended maximum – 30 kilos (66 pounds)
–  Tray size: 1250mm(L) x 400mm(W) x 330mm(H)
–  Skewer: Length, 1700mm x 22mm. Cooking, 1250 mm
–  Adjustable cooking height: 600mm – 900mm
–  Tripod uprights
–  Powerful, direct drive motor  – Output power 18 Watts
–  Roller bearings for the skewer rests
–  2 – Leg clamps / Meat forks
–  Counterbalance
–  “U” bolts(mm): 3, 120 x 85
–  Charcoal or wood fuel

Lamb Roast Motor Specification:

–  Geared drive
–  Output power 18 Watts
–  13 Amp fuse – 240 Volt mains
–  8mm internal diameter, female drive socket
–  Approximately 4 rpm.
–  On/off switch

If you would like a printed version of the specification, just click on the pdf icon below:

PDF  Lamb Roaster Specification

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 150 x 55 x 50 cm
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