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FREE (free range) CHRISTMAS TURKEY with every XL3 ROTISSERIE BBQ purchased before December 11th 2015.

XL3 Rotisserie BBQ

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With help from our friends at Farmers Choice, we are able to offer a 5 kilogram free range Turkey with every XL3 ROTISSERIE BBQ purchased before December 11th 2015.

Normal retail price for this 5kg free range turkey is £75.15 (inc. delivery).

These are free range turkeys, that are frozen for transportation. They are complete all-rounders. Beautiful white breast meat and flavour packed dark leg meat.

Turkeys will only be despatched after 19th November.


Our XL3 rotisserie BBQ produces a beautiful treat for Christmas. If you follow our recipe, you’ll have none of the problems encountered when you use your kitchen oven with regard to dryness. Cook your turkey on one of our rotisseries and you will be guaranteed to have a moist, tender and very tasty result.

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To download and print our Roast Turkey recipe, click pdf  Roast Turkey

ABOUT YOUR TURKEY (from Farmers Choice)

Free range turkeys are often on the top of every chef’s Christmas wish list and Farmer’s Choice know their customers want only the best turkey meat, but all year round, as well as just at Christmas. That’s why they’ve chosen not one, but two free range turkey farms to source their delicious turkeys from. Their second traditional and acclaimed turkey farm is Adlington Farm in Balsall Common, near Warwick. The award-winning, family-run Adlington Farm, situated in the heart of the Warwickshire landscape, was started in 1956; the farm was primarily started to just farm turkeys exclusively for Christmas. The farm has earned many laurels and has grown consistently over the years; now housing up to 12,000 turkeys and the Adlingtons have followed practices they have mastered for over two generations. Free range Adlington Turkeys are a famed, bronze breed of turkeys, reared naturally, free from growth hormones and are known for their juicy, wholesomely flavoured meat. The birds are given utmost care and are sheltered outside in tunnels that give good ventilation and light. The birds are corn-fed, free from any preservatives or additives and the birds are provided fresh water and food at all times. After slaughter, the birds are hung, which is imperative to the taste. Adlingtons raise turkeys that follow the standards set by RSPCA and Red Tractor guidelines. They ensure that their free range rearing know-how assures that their customers enjoy only the best turkeys. They guarantee delivery of a wholesome British product complete with great quality and absolute traceability right from the rearing of the birds to the delivery. Farmer’s Choice has partnered with the accredited Adlington Turkeys farm to source the finest free range turkeys that are the ultimate in succulence, great texture and taste.

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