“DUO” Portable BBQ


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DUO – A small, portable, charcoal BBQ with a twin grill

BBQ grill with two cooking grills, made from stainless steel

Made entirely from stainless steel, this is such a handy BBQ to have around.
It is light and small enough to pack in a car or caravan.
You can easily take it to the beach or on a picnic.
It will even fit in a reasonably sized ruck sack.

There are 2 x charcoal grills that sit in the bottom of each half, plus 2 x cooking grills.
The case also has adjustable ventilators to help with starting up the fire.

Please see DUO + Grill Top Rotisserie + Spit Basket

Product Description

“DUO” Portable BBQ

Dimensions (Closed):

Length     400 mm
Width      250 mm
Height     250 mm

Cooking Grills:

Length     340 mm
Width      200 mm


https://www.youtube.com/embed/W1fByQJL34k ?feature=oembed