Cypriot BBQ rotisserie


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Cypriot Rotisserie and BBQ 

The rotigrill Cypriot BBQ is our mid sized charcoal barbecue that combines the facilities of a rotisserie and BBQ grill.

Cypriot BBQ style with three long spit roast skewers. It can handle roasting joints (provided they do not exceed the maximum recommended  3.5 kilos) .  The Cypriot BBQ is an ideal BBQ for your garden. You can easily take the legs off and it becomes a portable BBQ for your car, motor,home or caravan. It is easy to assemble and everything except the long skewers can fit into the fire tray.  Please see our “recipe” page for some delicious ways to enjoy your rotisserie experience.

Now supplied with FREE BBQ Cooking Grill.

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Product Description

Cypriot BBQ  

Made in Cyprus


  • Steel, powder coated construction (Colour: Grey)
  • Galvanised steel legs and gearboxes
  • L 700mm  x W 300mm x H 550mm
  • 3 main skewers
  • 11  kebabs
  • 4  meat forks for rotisserie skewers
  • Rotisserie & kebab drives
  • Lever height adjustment
  • 1 x 1.5 volt battery motor with transformer for the main rotisseries
  • 1 x 1.5 volt battery motor for the kebabs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Maximum recommended cooking weight 3 kilograms

Now supplied with FREE BBQ Cooking Grill.