Charcoal Hog Roaster with cradle stand and Carving Tray


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Charcoal Hog Roaster and Carving Tray

Buy our charcoal Hog Roaster with cradle stand and the Hog Roaster Carving tray together to give you the complete package for Hog Roast events.

The carving tray allows eye level carving. It also acts as a lid, so when you have finished cooking, just lower it so that it sits on top of the fire tray.  This starves the coals of oxygen and speeds the cooling process.

The inner section of the carving tray can be used separately a large BBQ grill.

Union Flag  Made in the UK.

Fantastic results from this Hog Roast machine.  One person operation. Just turn a handle for height adjustment.

Specification:  Click “Description” (above) or download the pdf document (below)

PDF-150x150  Hog Roast (Cradle) Specification

Product Description

Union flag Made in the UK, by quality engineers, using quality materials.  Backed by a 2 year guarantee .

Charcoal Hog Roaster – Traditional, “open fire”

This charcoal hog roaster enables eye level carving.


–  Robust, strong, stainless steel construction
–  Easy to operate
–  Breaks down into components for ease of transportation
–  Guaranteed for two years (see terms & conditions)
–  Also suitable for large  joints & chickens
–  Capable of cooking up to 60 kilos (132 pounds)
–  Tray size: 1500mm(L) x 400mm(W) x 330mm(H)
–  Skewer length 2000 x 25mm. Cooking length 1500 mm
–  Adjustable cooking height: 600mm–900mm
–  Direct drive motor – Output 26 Watts,  torque 8 N.M.
–  Roller bearings for the skewer rests
–  2 x Leg clamps / Meat forks
–  Counterbalance
–  “U” bolts (for securing the animal to the skewer):
–  Charcoal or wood fuel
–  Can be used without the fire tray, if using a fire pit
–  Stainless steel cradle stand with fixed uprights
–  Unique rack and pinion height adjustment (one person operation)


– Stainless steel carving / drip tray
– Inner sections can be used as a BBQ grill
– Suspends from the skewer
– Use as a lid to quicken cooling of coals


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