BBQ Grill Top Rotisserie


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Grill Top Rotisserie

This BBQ Grill Top Rotisserie  sits on top of your existing BBQ grill and couldn’t be simpler to operate.  It is great if you do not want a permanent rotisserie kit attached to your existing bbq.

It is made from powder coated, heat resistant steel.

Length adjustable from 450mm up to 553 mm.  It is 220 mm wide and 130mm high.

It has a chrome plated skewer and two meat forks and is powered by a 3 volt battery motor, which can handle up to 3.5 kg of meat.

There are also 8 x twin spike kebab skewers.

In combination with our “DUO” portable BBQ, it provides many bbq options.  It is very light, so can be put into your car, motorhome or caravan.

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Please also see the short video clip to see the Grill Top Rotisserie working.

Product Description

 The BBQ Grill Top Rotisserie is offered in combination with our:

“DUO” twin grill, portable BBQ

Spit basket for attaching to the rotisserie skewer

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