Garden Security Lock Set

Product Description

Garden Security Set

The Master Lock Garden Security Set is all you need to ensure security in your garden with a weather tough padlock anchor and cable.

Padlock Dimensions in mm: (H)40, (W)44, (D)27.
Length of shackle: 30mm

Dimensions of cable: 4.5M x 10mm Diameter
Steel anchor and steel cable.

Colour: Black.

Usage: Suitable for outdoor use.
Security level: 5.

Includes: Hardened steel anchor, 4.5m braided steel cable, and weatherproof padlock for securing all garden furniture and equipment.

With a 4.5 Metre length of 10mm diameter cable this kit of products is capable of securing even the biggest item in the garden.
Just wrap the cable around your valuable garden items and secure round the anchor point with the 40mm padlock included.