Probably The Best Rotisserie BBQ

What BBQ can cook up to 14 kilos on rotisserie spits, 3 kilos on rotisserie kebabs and has a grill area of 500mm x 500mm? The superb Rotigrill XL3 rotisserie bbq.

XL3 Spit Roast

Since its introduction in 2010, the Rotigrill XL has developed into its present version, the XL3. The main feature of this amazing rotisserie BBQ is the unique rack and pinion height adjustment mechanism, which lets you choose the perfect height for cooking on a rotisserie. Unlike gas BBQ’s, you can’t turn the heat up or down when cooking over charcoal, so being able to raise and lower the food being cooked has exactly the same effect. Plus, you get that wonderful heat envelope that gas bbq’s simply can’t deliver.

Salmon Kebab

The XL3 rotisserie bbq, has the welcome addition of new height adjustment capability for cooking with kebabs. Kebabs are great. When you’re main rotisserie food is resting (essential for a great roast), you can cook on the kebabs. Most food only takes up to 15 minutes on kebabs, so they are ready when you are about to carve your main joint.

BBQ Grilling

The XL3 is not all about rotisserie cooking. The 500mm x 500mm bbq grill is quite a large grilling area, so you can cook some great grills to compliment your rotisserie cooking. Again, this grill is height adjustable, so you can grill your food perfectly.

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