Honeyed Pork Loin Kebabs

Loin of pork is so tender and requires little cooking.

This recipe is great. It takes very little time to prepare and cooks in ten minutes. You can be as flexible as you want with the amount ginger that you put into the marinade, depending on your taste. This recipe has just enough ginger for the flavour to be evident, but not dominant.

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Using a rotisserie BBQ will give you better results that cooking your kebabs on a BBQ grill. As the meat revolves it retains more of its natural juices.

Pork Loin is ideal for this sort of recipe. It is a light meat, with little or no surrounding fat. What fat there is can be seen from some marbling and it will surface during cooking. There is no need to add oil.

When using your rotisserie kebab, please take note of the tip about using potato pieces at each end of the skewer. This holds the food in place on the skewer and prevents it spinning during cooking.

Honey Pork 2


Whole pork loin cut into 3 cm cubes

2 x medium courgettes

4 x tbsp liquid honey

2 x tbsp Sesame seeds

2 tsp ground ginger

150 ml medium sherry

Salt & Pepper

16 x Potato pieces to prevent food sinning on the skewer

Method: (Serves 8)

Preparation time 20 minutes. Cooking time: 10 minutes

Cut the pork into 3 cm cubes.

Slice the courgettes into ½ to 1 cm slices.

For the marinade:

Place the honey, sesame seeds, ginger and sherry together in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Season with salt and pepper

Place a piece of potato on your kebab skewer (pierce through the potato skin) and then load the skewers with pork and courgettes alternately. Put another piece of potato at the other end of the skewer.

Gently squeeze the potatoes towards the centre. (This prevents food spinning on the skewer)

Now coat each skewer generously with the marinade.

Cook on your (rotisserie) kebab for 10 minutes.

If you do not have a kebab rotisserie, turn the kebabs every minutes to prevent burning.