Porchetta. The Italian Take On Roasted Pork Belly

Porchetta with loin

I was speaking recently to one of our customers who bought a rotigrill rotisserie bbq.  They have a pub/restaurant in Wilton, Wiltshire, where they regularly provide spit roasted Porchetta for their clientele.

Just hearing Bill talking about it made my mouth water, so I’ve developed my own version of the dish.  At The Swan they wrap a pork loin inside the pork belly, which I have included as an option in the recipe.

Swan at Wilton

Swan at Wilton

Click the link or the picture to see more information about The Swan at Wilton http://www.theswanwilton.co.uk. Better still you might like to go there in person, in which case the address is Wilton, Wiltshire SN8 3SS.

Porchetta, as I now know,  is pork belly infused with herbs and other ingredients, typical of Italian cuisine.  Any lover of Italian food will realise that they never fall short with flavour and texture. The idea of Porchetta is to trim excess fat from the pork belly before adding the herbs and other thinks like garlic, onions, sherry, breadcrumbs and sultanas.  If you really want to go to town, try adding some chopped pistachio nuts!

To see the full recipe, click this link: https://www.rotigrill.com/porchetta/

The proof as always is in the cooking.  Using a rotisserie bbq not only ensures that your food will be moist, tender and thoroughly cooked, but you will also get crackling to die for.  As Porchetta is best served as thin slices, a delicate and crispy crackling really does round the dish off. Plus, you have the added value of watching the theatre of food being cooked on an open fire.

Take a look at our rotigrill XL3 if you haven’t already.  This is proving to be a wonderful success for us.  Apart from spit roasting, you can cook on kebabs or use the traditional bbq grill.  Everything is height adjustable, so you can get everything cooked to perfection.  It’s a sturdy beast and you can use half its capacity if you wish (for smaller BBQ events) as it has two, seperate fire trays.