Plan Your World Cup BBQ’s With A Rotigrill XL2

Many people are thinking about having BBQ’s during the world cup and what better way to entertain your guests than with a rotisserie.

You can create some great menus and the beauty of rotisserie cooking is that you don’t have to stand at the BBQ for long periods of time, checking and turning your food.


Our web site has a whole raft of recipes that include spit roasts and some wonderfully creative kebabs. And there is always the traditional BBQ grill if needed.

Our XL2 is a large BBQ (1000mm x 500mm). It has two fire trays, 3 x spit roasts, 7 x kebabs and a 500mm x 500mm grill. One unique feature is the height adjustment mechanism. With a gas BBQ you can adjust the heat by turning a knob. With charcoal BBQ’s you need to be able to raise and lower the height of your food. The XL2 does this very simply and effectively. You can cook up to 14kilos of food on the XL2, so a “suckling pig” is well within its capabilities.

Charcoal BBQ’s produce a wonderful “heat envelope”, which is so much better than direct heat from a gas grill. The XL2 has a non vented outer tray and the two fire trays fit inside. This produces not only a consistent heat, but is also very economical with charcoal.

The one thing that is impossible to describe is the taste that rotisserie cooked food produces. It retains all the natural food juices and these produce some outstanding flavours. It also ensures that your food will never turn out dry. It will always be moist and tender.

Hog Roaster 7_0

For larger events we do a range of “Hog Roasters” and a “Lamb Roaster” that are really good investments. They are strong and robust, so will last a long time. They are used commercially and have an excellent track record.

Rotisserie BBQs make cooking at events much simpler than traditional grilling. And if it’s taste you’re after, there is no comparison. Your guests will always be impressed.

For help and advice on equipment, recipes or just your thoughts and ideas, please call us on 01494 511368.