Owning your own hog roast machine can be a really good investment

Now is the time to buy a Hog Roaster.

Hog Roaster with stand 3
Phil Carving Pig Roast.preview

Many individuals, clubs, associations and groups will benefit from our new February offer, which makes owning g a hog roast machine, great value. Groups can take advantage of shared ownership to spread the cost and those clubs and associations who are the VAT registered can claim back the tax. It’s also a great time to buy for pubs and restaurants.

The economics of ownership are really quite simple. The cost of hiring a catering company or business to provide a hog roast for your event is increasing year on year. As an individual or group you can pay back the cost of purchase for the same money you would have paid for hiring the same equipment over two events.

For pubs and restaurants, owning your own hog roast machine can give rise to many opportunities to create some really interesting events for your customers. Rotigrill hog roasters are traditional, open fire machines that burn charcoal. You can actually see the pig rotating and you can smell the wonderful aroma of a pig roast.

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The taste of a pig that has been traditionally roasted over an open fire needs to be experienced. The crackling is perfect, the meat is moist and tender and if you cook a rare breed pig, you will contribute to the breed’s sustainability. You’ll also enjoy a unique taste.
We offer a range of three hog roast machines. One has tripod stands and is designed to be portable. Another has a cradle type stand that brings the pig to eye level during cooking. And the third model adds a carving tray that suspends from the skewer for carving.

This offer is running for the month of February only.
There’s £200 off each product.