Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor Cooking – It’s the only way.

Looking through my library of cook books on outdoor cooking (as I do), I came across this one: “The Great Outdoors Cookbook: Over 140 recipes for Barbecues, Campfires, Picnics and more”, by Phil Vickery. It was first published in 2011. I met Phil around this time, when he asked me to cook a rare breed topside of beef on one of our rotisserie BBQ’s (no pressure there). Luckily, he was pleased with the result.

Phil Vickery Outdoor Cooking

During our conversation he explained that he had a real interest in outdoor cooking and that he had actually competed in an international BBQ competition. I was all ears by this time! Then, he mentioned that he was about to publish this book on cooking outdoors. What I expected was a glitzy take on outdoor cooking, but when I read the book I was really surprised not only by Phil’s in depth knowledge of the subject, but also his passion for naturally cooked food.

Phil Vickery Chops with Bacon and Chicory

Phil Vickery Chops with Bacon and Chicory

This book is a really good outdoor cookery companion, plus being a good read. Phil deals with some of the simple stuff, like whether to use gas or charcoal, but the heart of the book are his recipes. From A hog roast down, you will definitely find something in there that you want to try. When I say recipes, some of them are real “treatments” for traditionally cooked food.  The book is beautifully clear and well illustrated. Some books come and go in a flash, but this one will definitely have shelf life.

XL3 side view

Please take a look at our XL3 range of rotisserie BBQ’s. You really can cook just about anything on them. The range starts with the standard XL3, plus there are options for an additional kebab rack, a counterbalance and U bolts for cooking something like a suckling pig and finally there is the large full length grill for large function BBQ grilling.

I hope you enjoy Phil’s book (check it out on Amazon) and hopefully the real thing cooked on one of our rotisserie BBQ’s.

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