New “Cypriot” BBQ now available.

This is a genuine Cypriot BBQ, made in Cyprus to a design that has been used successfully for decades.


We have been looking to source a replacement for our Supreme rotisserie BBQ for some time and we are lucky to have found an established supplier in Cyprus itself.  Rotisserie BBQ’s can be said to have been invented by the Cypriots and the idea then spread throughout Greece. Or – it might be the other way round, but we can thank the Greek speaking peoples for their origin.

Cypriot BBQ 3

The Cypriot BBQ comes with three spit roast skewers and four meat forks.  It is possible to use two skewers at once or the centre skewer on its own for most roasting applications.  The height is adjustable through a lever mechanism. There are also 11 kebab skewers, driven though a single gearbox.

We have moved away from the traditional single battery motor for the main skewers.  Now what you get is a 12 / 240 volt motor that can either connect to a car/leisure battery, or the mains via a transformer.

The usual 1.5 volt battery motor is retained for use with the kebabs, a job that it is perfectly suited to.

The Cypriot BBQ offers a smaller alternative to our top of the range XL3, which is much larger and comes with a rack and pinion height mechanism, which is operated by a handle.

It can also be easily disassembled for portability.