Mother’s Day Treat

No need to take Mum out to lunch on mother’s day. The weather is set fair, so why not make her something different for lunch.

Come on folks, let’s make an effort. Don’t sit in an over-crowded restaurant or bake a pie! Get your Rotigrill out and create something special, without being tied to the kitchen for hours.

Now, the first decision is how many courses? Well, two are minimum – main and pud. But if you can, opt for a starter as well.

Here’s a big tick for those of you who followed our advice and cleaned your Rotigrill and sprayed it with WD40 before you put it away at the end of last season. Your job is easy, just wash it down with a mild detergent. For everyone else, get busy with a wire brush!

So, to the food. No, I’m not going for a roast for Mother’s day. Here’s my recommended menu:


Pear and Roquefort salad.

Pear & Roquefort Salad

Begin with a touch of class. Don’t overdo the portion size. Make it small and attractive. This is so tasty and a great way to energise your pallet.


Lebanese Lamb Kebabs

Lebanese Lamb Kebab

These are so full of flavour and easy to prepare and cook. You can prepare the marinade in advance and then mix with the meat on Sunday morning.

And they go surprisingly well with:

Sicilian Caponata


Sicily’s version of ratatouille. This dish is so full of flavour it sings! This is best when it is prepared the day before, which is great when you want to spend more time with your Mum than preparing food

BBQ grilled pineapple with Cornish ice cream with a rum and honey sauce.

BBQ Pineapple with Honey & Rum sauce

This BBQ Pineapple recipe is quick to cook and serve. It is very tasty just on its own as pineapple is so juicy. However, adding ice cream or clotted cream, plus a honey and rum sauce, will make your Mum very happy indeed.

On the day, all you have to do is:
Prepare the salad
Mix the lamb with the marinade
Prepare your Rum and honey sauce
Cook the kebabs and grill the pineapple.

Don’t forget the wine !!

Job done – happy Mum!