Medical Scares About Burnt or Blackened Food

If you’ve been reading about Medical Scares About Burnt or Blackened Food recently, you might be interested in my take on the subject.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty sick and tired of scientists and “officials” who spread fear amongst us ordinary folk when trying to prevent something happening on a scale of chance worse than winning the lottery.

And then there’s conflicting evidence. Get a room full of doctors, economists and the like and ask them about any given issue and they will nearly always disagree with each other. Read on
So who and what should we believe?

Hopefully I come from the planet of Common Sense. This planet is where everything is done in moderation, care is taken not to do something deliberately stupid than might cause harm and where mistakes are rarely repeated.

Most things in life carry a risk – don’t they? Teenagers who plug themselves into head phones and then walk aimlessly off a kerb into a road can get themselves killed, but we don’t say that headphones are a risk to health! Do things properly and you won’t get hurt.

Personally, I would rather eat a well done piece of BBQ pork than an underdone piece. Give me well cooked chicken drummies any day, compared to raw chicken.
One of my friends regularly cremates his BBQ sausages and BBQ chicken. He’s more at risk from setting fire to himself than harming himself from food.

Burnt Toast

Now, apparently, burnt toast is a culprit and can cause a nasty disease that I won’t mention by name as I don’t like the word. This is a quote from an article from “Science Focus”, the online arm of the BBC Focus Magazine…………………….(the word I don’t like has been deleted or amended)
“In the case of burnt toast, most concern surrounds the risk from the formation of acrylamide, a compound that has been linked to (the word I don’t like) and nerve damage in animals. That said, the evidence of a direct link between (that word again) and acrylamide in food consumed by humans is far from compelling. While some studies have pointed to a doubling in risk of ovarian and uterine (stuff) among women consuming this compound in food, other studies have found nothing. Even so, in 2007, the European Union’s health advisors decided to take a precautionary approach and recommended that people avoid eating burnt toast or golden-brown chips as they may contain unacceptably high levels of acrylamide. The UK went further than this in 2017, with The Food Standards Agency (FSA) stating that even brown toast poses an increased risk, advising that toast should be cooked to a golden yellow colour.”
Give me strength!

The fact is that not many people actually like burnt food anyway and if you take even moderate care when cooking, you’ll get a great result.
So, the moral of this story is don’t be scared by rumours, scaremongering, claim and counter claim by people who by and large are only covering their backs (health & safety) in case there is a zillionth of a chance that a real and present risk exists.

Come to the planet of common sense and make your own judgements, but for goodness sake, don’t be put off using your BBQ in the coming weeks and months.

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