Delicious home made Mayonnaise, free from additives and preservatives. The taste is just divine.



2 egg yolks
Generous pinch of salt
250ml sunflower oil
25ml extra virgin olive
1 tbsp mustard of your choice (or mustard powder)
1 clove garlic, crushed (optional)
1 tbsp lemon juice


Make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature before starting. Put the egg yolks into a mixing bowl. Beat well with a whisk for at least a couple of minutes. The mixture needs to become thick and sticky. Add the salt and beat for another 30 seconds.
Begin to pour in the sunflower oil in a very thin stream, beating all the while. Don’t be tempted to rush this, or your mayonnaise will split. As the mixture thickens, you can start to add it more quickly.

Once your mayonnaise is near the consistency you want (and you may not need to use all the oil), stop pouring the sunflower oil and use the olive oil. Once it is all incorporated, beat the mayonnaise for another 30 seconds until thick and glossy, and then add the lemon juice, mustard and garlic (if using) and mix in. If you would prefer a thinner mixture, add a little water as well.
Keep refrigerated until you are ready to eat.

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pdf  Mayonnaise Recipe