Make The Most Of Pre Season BBQ Deals And Plan Ahead With Your Events

Although spring has arrived meteorologically, most people feel that April 1st is the springboard towards warmer weather and our “summer” of BBQ’s.


As such, it’s a good idea to look around for any pre-season deals on BBQ’s. We have special offers and sale items available this month.

It’s also a good idea to plan ahead for your events. Easter is not far away and new season lamb will soon be available. In the Greek community, eating lamb is a tradition that goes back a long way.

We have a lamb roaster (£100 discount) which will cook a whole lamb and our XL2 multi roast rotisserie BBQ (£50 discount) is ideal for roast lamb legs and shoulder or “Souvla”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Souvla, it is a Greek meal for the family based on neck cuts of lamb, marinated in oregano and lemon, although regular shoulder or rib chops also work well. We have a recipe for Souvla on our web site


There is also a recipe and instructions about how to cook a whole lamb on our website. You can feed forty five to fifty people from a whole lamb.


If you’re thinking about a Hog Roast event, our portable hog roast machine is available until the end of this month with a £200 discount. It’s a traditional, open fire machine that enables you to see and smell your food as it cooks. At the current price, it is a wonderful investment, both for clubs and associations or professional establishments like pubs. For the individual, why not get a group together and buy one. It saves such a lot of money in a very short time.


In addition to sale items, we also have some package deals or bundles, where you save money by buying all you need in one go.

Finally, we have just re introduced our rotisserie kit, so you can have a rotisserie on your existing BBQ. Previously priced at £59, our new stock is now available at £49.

Whether you buy from us or not, shop around for those pre-season offers!