How To Make Homemade Burgers For Your BBQ

Homemade burgers for your BBQ will have your guests drooling.

Burger halves

The humble burger is often criticised, but when prepared properly and cooked with care, it can be the most delicious and comforting item on any BBQ menu.

We specialise in rotisserie bbq’s, so why, may you ask are we in search of the perfect burger?

Firstly, most of our products include a traditional bbq grill, so anything that can be grilled is of interest to us. Secondly, burgers are the most common item of food for BBQ’s. Lastly however, we were just plain fed up with buying fatty, over spiced, cereal filled burgers from supermarkets.

In our view, before you start making burgers it is important to understand that they should not be viewed as a cheap substitute for other food, or as a makeweight in a menu.

Your initial choice of meat is crucial if your homemade burger is to be perfect. Chuck or blade steak is the right meat for the job, although some supermarkets use the term frying steak. It has good flavour and is lean, but you do need to cut away the small amount of gristle that you might find in some larger pieces of meat.

Then, it’s a case of selecting your herbs and seasoning, taking care not to overdo it with the quantities, which will simply overpower the flavour of the meat. We have recommended in our recipe what we think is right, but people have different tastes, so it’s worth experimenting with different herbs and spices, to get the exact balance to suit your pallet.

Burger with melted cheese

The end result is a low fat, tasty and memorable meal. What more could you ask from the perfect, homemade burger?

Homemade burger recipe

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