Lemon Chicken

Chicken with Lemon

Chicken with Lemon

BBQ chicken at its best.

So tasty & moist. This is possibly the simplest thing that you can do on a rotisserie:


1 x Whole chicken
1 x Lemon
1 or 2 Chicken Oxo cubes

Cooking Method……………

Cut the lemon into quarters and place then inside the chicken’s cavity. If there is space in the neck cavity, use this as well.

Put the chicken onto the skewer and start cooking. After 30 minutes, the lemon will boil and all that lovely juice will circulate around the chicken, under the skin. (You will notice your rotisserie will appear to smoke at this point. This is the surplus lemon juices dripping onto the coals. (It’s mostly steam). All around the chicken you will see little “volcanoes” as the boiling juice steams through the skin).

Once the juices have moistened the “outside” of the chicken, crumble your Oxo cube(s) evenly over the chicken’s skin. Now leave it to cook for about an hour.

Run a thin skewer through the chicken to make sure that the juices are running clear. When they are, take the chicken off the skewer and cover with foil (do not wrap it as this will make any crispy skin go sloppy) for about 15 minutes, to allow the cooking process to conclude.

Take the lemon pieces out of the chicken and carve.
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PDF-150x150  Lemon Chicken