How To Make Your Rotisserie Motor Last A Long Time

Rotisserie cooking is a real joy.

The food a rotisserie produces is the tastiest that you will experience from a BBQ. However, that joy can be shattered if your rotisserie motor fails during cooking, leaving you with a burned cinder or doesn’t work at all.


Look after your rotisserie motor and it will look after you

Motor powered spit roasts have to be operated well within their maximum limits. Imagine that you run your car at maximum engine revs over a prolonged period of time. It would simply fail. The same applies to your rotisserie motor.


Failure to balance the meat on the spit skewer and/or not having the food absolutely secure on the skewer, applies such extra forces to the motor that the gears will probably strip. Tell tale signs of overloading are a clicking noise or uneven rotation. In the worst cases, the electric motor will turn, but the spindle will not, as there will be no gears left!

Choose the right motor for the job.


It is also vital that you buy a rotisserie and motor combination that is designed for the job that you want it to do on your BBQ or rotisserie kit. We are frequently asked what is the maximum weight that a certain motor will turn? We politely ask what they intend to cook and then offer advice as to what will work best for them.

We have seen motors on e-commerce websites that are described as a “hog roast” motors, with a maximum loading specification of 40 kilos. That weight is not that of a fully grown pig. So, instead of reading the description of a motor, look at its maximum loading specification and then deduct 25%. You will then have a rough guide as to its true capability in terms of actual food weight that it can handle.

The above is advice on how to operate your rotisserie BBQ, but there are other, simple precautions that you can take to preserve the life of your motor. Always take your motor off the rotisserie when it is not in use. A sudden down pour could ruin it. Also, take batteries out when it’s not in use. They can corrode quite quickly in damp or humid conditions.

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