How To Best Use Your BBQ Away From Home

Many people like to take their BBQ away with them on holiday.

They are often seen being used on the beach and particularly with their caravans or motor homes. Invariably, you will see people connecting their BBQ to a gas bottle. However, there are some interesting alternatives to using your gas grill. There is no need to be limited to burgers, sausages and grilled chicken.

Riverside BBQ.preview

Charcoal BBQ’s

Compact Fully Loaded

Charcoal does take a little longer to get going, but nine times out of ten the results are worth it. But, with them, you can also use a rotisserie for spit roasting and cooking with kebabs. Some of the smaller rotisserie BBQ’s are powered by 1.5 volt battery motors and from our experience they are great. Battery life for the main spit roast is around 60 hours and for the rotary kebabs, well in excess of one hundred hours. So, with this option you can produce almost anything.

Moving up the scale, for larger rotisserie BBQ’s, you can use a 12 volt motor that attaches to your car battery or camping leisure battery. These motors are far more powerful than the 1.5 volt battery motors, so you can therefore entertain a great deal more guests. They also come with a variable speed facility, which some people like to use. The optimum speed for effective rotisserie cooking is around the 3 to 4 RPM mark. Any slower and the edges of food can burn.

Hog Roast

Hog Roaster 7_0

You can even roast a whole pig on a remote site. We developed our portable hog roast machine design in response to requests from some customers who worked in the country, ran shoots and fishing parties. Rather than be restricted to a hotel or lodge, they wanted to carry on in the country tradition and roast a pig in rough country. Enter the generator. Our portable hog roaster fits into the back of most estate cars or 4 x 4’s. A generator can stand beside it, so you have the perfect combination for “rough” hog roasting.

With the growth in popularity of BBQ’s, goes the expansion of ways in which you can use them.