Get Ready For The BBQ Season

Meteorological Spring has begun, so it’s time to think about preparing or replacing your BBQ.


In meteorological terms, it’s fairly simple. Spring is March to May, Summer June to August, Autumn September to November, and Winter December to February. In BBQ terms, most people other than real enthusiasts should now take a look at their BBQ. If you have kept your BBQ equipment inside, then preparation for use is a simple matter. However, for the majority, your BBQ will have had to withstand the winter outside, either under a cover or not.

BBQ Preparation

At Rotigrill, we leave several rotisserie BBQ’s in different situations over winter, so that at this time of year, we can see what has happened and advise accordingly.

For equipment stored inside, you should pay attention to any rotisserie moving parts. Whilst they might have been protected from wind and rain, the colder temperatures can affect them. With gearboxes, just make sure that they turn by hand. They are designed to run “dry” so don’t be tempted to use oil. Some gears are made of alloy and can produce a surface corrosion that might make rotation a little stiff. Gentle movement anti clock and clockwise will shift any corrosion. Just blow any dust away.


Rotisserie motors are designed to be used in a hot environment, so prolonged exposure to cold sometimes causes them not to rotate. Don’t confuse this with “jamming”, which is a mechanical failure. If your motor starts to turn, leave it running for 10 minutes. If it doesn’t turn, but you can hear the electric motor trying to work, turn the motor off. Simply direct some hot air from a hair dryer or fan heater towards the square drive on the motor for a few minutes. Allow the motor to semi-cool and give the square drive a short squirt of WD40. Your motor will start to rotate and will be set for the season.

Replacing Your BBQ

With Rotigrill products, anything that touches food is made from stainless steel. Plus, the majority of our equipment is either stainless or galvanised steel, so rust should not be a real problem. However, if your BBQ is made of steel, particularly this year, rust will be a real issue. There is a simple answer – throw it way. A rusty BBQ is a safety hazard!

Although we specialise in rotisserie BBQ’s, all our products have the facility of a traditional BBQ grill (even the Hog Roaster). Most also have motorised kebabs. So if you want the authentic taste of a charcoal BBQ, plus the visual “theatre” of outdoor cooking, please take a look at our product range.