Further Discounts In The Rotigrill End Of Summer Sale

Rotigrill announces extra money off their Half Drum BBQ + Grill Top Rotisserie Packages.


The half drum barbecue is portable and has enough capacity to create a barbecue event for quite a large party. It has two cooking grills that are both adjustable for height. There is an additional grill that fits in the bottom of the drum for charcoal.


This particular product is an ideal partner for the grill top rotisserie, which is a non permanent spit roast attachment that can sit on the either of the two grills. This means that you can spit roast food on one half of the barbeque and grill on the other.


The further addition of a spit basket, which fits on the spit roaster skewer of the grill top rotisserie, enables you to cook pieces of meat, fish and vegetables to perfection.

Details of the discounted package deals can be found on the special offers page of the Rotigrill website. Just click Drum + GTR.
Also on the Rotigrill website are a number of downloadable recipes that are specifically designed for Rotigrill equipment. All have been tried and tested.

“Good food deserves to be cooked on a Rotigrill”