How To Add Flavour To Your BBQ Food.

Wood chips, wine, marinades, brining, sauces? There are so many options to add flavour to your barbecue food.

In previous blogs we have dealt with most of the methods that are freely available for enhancing the flavour of your barbecue food. We receive many calls and enquiries asking advice as to what can be done. So let’s try and straighten out any confusion.
Depending on the type of barbecue you use, some methods are better than others.

BBQ Sauces


As a general rule sauces go best with items that are cooked for a fairly short time. They should be used sparingly, as we keep nagging, in order not to mask the true flavour of the food. If you are a sauce fanatic, it’s probably best that you buy a ticket for the States and see how they do it. They tend to smother there barbecue food so sauce preparation is vital to them. In the UK, we tend to be a bit more discerning and are becoming more used to using a sauce as an accompaniment and not a main event.



Marinades are used either to tenderise meet or to infuse additional flavour to it. If you haven’t tried a leg of pork marinated in cider, then you really should try it. The tip is to use them good quality cider and one which is not too sweet. We would recommend Westons “Stowford Press”.



Brining adds water and salt to your meat and both pork and chicken benefit from this process. Once brined, you can then use your smoker to slow cook and infuse the meat with different types of fuel. This is where wood chips come into their own. However please be aware that to gain any useful effect from fuel additives such as wood chips, you need to be cooking for a reasonable length of time.

Steaming With Wine


If you have an enclosed barbecue with a lid, you will be able to flavour your food by adding a tray of liquid, the steam from which will infuse your food. As a starter try roasting a joint of lamb over a tray of red wine infused with Rosemary.

Cooking On A Rotisserie BBQ


At Rotigrill, we are specialists in rotisserie barbecues and therefore we believe in cooking food as naturally as possible, using the meat juices, which because of the rotisserie action remain in the meat throughout cooking. This includes spit roasts and cooking with kebab skewers. Therefore it may come as no surprise that we favour untreated food (except with seasoning), brined or marinated food as we know that it produces the most succulent and tasty food that you will get from a barbecue.