End Of Summer Sale

Rotigrill is pleased to announce that it is cutting the price on many of its products and package deals as part of and end of season sale.

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There is £150 off the price of the new XL3 rotisserie barbeque, which was recently launched. This product is the complete barbecue system, having three, rotating, one metre long spit roast skewers powered by a mains electric motor. It also has seven kebab skewers which rotate together and are powered by 3 volt battery motor. Plus, there is a 500 x 500 millimetre mesh grill. Everything is height adjustable, with the main skewers being raised and lowered by means of a rack and pinion system, operated by a handle. The kebabs and grill are adjustable manually.

DUO Twin BBQ Grill_0

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The sale also extends to other products in the rotigrill range including their “Supreme”, which is a medium sized greek style BBQ, drum barbecue, “DUO” portable BBQ, grill top rotisserie, rotisserie kit and spit basket.

These products also provide combinations into package deals which in themselves offer tremendous added value, but which are also featured in the end of summer sale.

The grill top rotisserie provides a non permanent solution to adding a rotisserie to your existing barbecue. It also combines very well with the “DUO” portable barbecue, which together with the spit basket forms one of rotigrill’s most popular package deals. The grill top rotisserie also combines well with the oil drum barbecue.

All of the sale items and reduced price package deals can be found on the rotigrill website. Just click this link for details. https://www.rotigrill.com

Also featured on the rotigrill website are a range of accessories, a number of guides to enable you to get the best results from your barbecue cooking, plus a fantastic range of recipes. Rotigrill are always interested to hear from people who have interesting recipes that they can add to their current list. If you have any, please contact us.